3 Self-Talk Strategies That Will Build Your Confidence


We all lean on other people to help us build a sense of confidence in ourselves. We thrive on compliments and supportive statements given by friends, family and strangers, and it builds us up. We feel secure knowing that there are people we can rely on when we need to get a pep talk or […]

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Hi, I'm Jenny. Author & Parent

 I value authentic connections, optimism and my two cups of hot and foamy caffeinated beverages a day.  I am a proud, sleep deprived but still glowing mom of two daughters. I lived out of a backpack while traveling though 16 countries in 18 months. So being intentional and minimal is my jam. Right now, I want to give myself ways that I can continue to grow into a more joyful, present and healthy version of me, which brings that much more joy, presence and glow to my parenting.   

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