If you’re interested in learning more about Elimination Communication (EC) and living a life without the hassle, expense and unpleasantness of diapers, then Go Diaper Free is a book you’ll want to take a look at today. And if you’ve already dabbled in EC, but aren’t quite sure how to make it work for you, […]

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Hi, I'm Jenny. Author & Parent

 I value authentic connections, optimism and my two cups of hot and foamy caffeinated beverages a day.  I am a proud, sleep deprived but still glowing mom of two daughters. I lived out of a backpack while traveling though 16 countries in 18 months. So being intentional and minimal is my jam. Right now, I want to give myself ways that I can continue to grow into a more joyful, present and healthy version of me, which brings that much more joy, presence and glow to my parenting.   

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