embrace your maternal calling, find balance and simplify your days as a mother and as an aligned woman.

 Imagine a world where nature and humanity coexist and thrive together. What can we learn from our biological, natural instincts and inner wisdom to simplify motherhood? Who are we as women? Can we be the best mamas without completely losing ourselves along the way? As the generation who were told we could have, be and do anything we wanted, I invite you to discover this for yourself. Challenging? Yes. You  are worth it.


You don't have to do it alone.

This journey is an invitation to... 

have More time for you to "be"

If you want to create and ease into a unique plan that aligns with the way you want to emerge as a mother and as a woman. 

Have a Deeper level of flow and trust

If you want to be informed, inspired, and empowered that will give you confidence in how you want to show up for yourself and for your babies..

expand. grow. evolve.

If you want both you and your babies to grow deep roots and evolve together. You and your babies deserve time and space without being overwhelmed or feeling rushed, frazzled and 'behind'.

anchor into your center as a divine woman. a divine mother. breathe.

"There were many ah-ha moments. Being okay with looking at my vulva was one of them."

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"This summit gave me the courage to listen to my intuition and not what the "typical good" mom would do."

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What's included: 

Life Time access to 11 interviews in video, audio and transcript format


one audio guided meditations from the 4 part Mama+ Baby Bonding series. 


Created to increase the hormones that sky rocket relaxation, bliss and bonding with your baby while nursing, feeding, or just holding your baby close.

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I am offering this summit with the option of selecting how much you want to pay. No matter how much you pay, you'll be getting the same summit and bonus as everybody else. I simply trust that people are honest and will support me with whatever they can afford. And if you are not 100% satisfied, I will refund your money.

How much would you like to pay?

I learned a long time ago that we don't know what we don't know. It sounds ridiculous I know. Hear me out. It is just another way of checking in with your willingness to embrace the unknown and the yet to be discovered as opportunity as opposed to risk. My story really began the moment I finally said yes. Yes to follow my dreams. 

My mission is to provide you with practical, intuitive and energetic wisdom that you can apply and open yourself to the possibilities to embrace your maternal calling and simplify your days as a mother and as an aligned woman.

I created this event because I understand the overwhelm, self-doubt and uncertainty that new and expecting women experience. I've experienced the endless scrolling and searches but never finding motherhood information that aligns with your vibrational and natural lifestyle. The feeling of loneliness because you choose to challenge conventions and strongly uphold your body as sacred and sovereign. Additionally, the uncertainty of our times can contribute to our fears and anxiety about going after an aligned motherhood and discovering the woman we feel called to be.


Yvonne Meier

Mama behind Heart & Soul of Wild Womb Healing. As a Wholistic Women’s Health Coach Yvonne is passionate about supporting women in all stages of life. She is a certified Yoni Steam Facilitator, student of the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute, and Folk Herbalist at heart. Trained in analyzing the menstrual cycle based on TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) Yvonne loves incorporating foods, herbs, lifestyle changes, and yoni steaming in her customized protocols, always remembering cyclical wisdom and that we are not just a physical body.

Be joyful!

monica troung

Monica's transformative purpose is to reimagine education. Believing that our education system is not serving our children or preparing them for the future. She pulled her daughter out of school and helped to co-create a non-profit, Chinook Free Learners, inspired by the Sudbury model and used Agile Learning Center tools. She then founded a learning pod in her own city, Calgary.  Currently, she is running a space,  in the Calgary Beltline, where learning pods can meet to run their programs  so that busy professionals can homeschool their kids and participate in co-mmunity events/classes, so that 'school' is not isolated from life and learning is not just for kids, but for everyone! 

homeschooling, unschooling advocate and facilitator

elena harder

Elena has been supporting women to heal themselves and their families for a decade. Her own journey with a hospital birth and postpartum depression lead Elena to study Freebirth, Orgasmic Birth, Vaginal Steaming, Mindfulness, Spirituality, NLP, Theta Healing, Tantra, Optimal Nutrition, and Intermittent Fasting to find a way to finally recover her mind and joyful soul. Now she works with other mothers to help empower to take back their births and heal holistically postpartum. She shares vulnerable stories, hard earned wisdom and inspirational interviews on birth, healing and embodiment on her podcast The Joygasmic Life.

Podcast host, author, educator, prenatal and postnatal healer, physiological birth advocate


Wholistic Women’s Health COACH, Yoni Steam Facilitator , folk herbalist

Tilly Storm

Tilly is the world’s leading expert in helping women revive sexual desire and feel sexy again. As a certified sex coach, Tantra, and jade egg teacher, Tilly uses deep transformational tools and techniques based in somatic experiencing, trauma resolution and ancient tantric wisdom and Taoist practices to help women transform their blocks to pleasure, turn on, confidence and connection, helping them step into their fullest potential and power. Previously on the Birth As Nature Intended Summit, she returns again to share wisdom 

Be centered!

chloe skerlak

Chloe is a Justisse Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner and Certified Fertility Awareness Educator. She has made teaching fertility awareness in group and private programs her profession because she wants women and people with cycles to regain their sexual and reproductive sovereignty, become advocates for their own health, and live vibrant, healthy lives. She is also the founder of the Cervix Portrait Party (yes - taking photos of your cervix is a thing!) and is passionate about teaching body literacy to pre-teens and teens. Chloe also loves salsa dancing, full moon bathing, and playing the ukulele. 

Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner, Fertility Awareness Educator

shannon brown

Shannon's work centers around helping people to:
Deeply know and fully accept and love themselves,
Heal traumas and clear limiting beliefs; Live as the highest expression of themselves; Harness personal and universal energies for, maximum transformation and satisfaction; Usher new levels of abundance, peace, and joy into their lives; Teach their children to do all of the above; Parent as a fully present and highly conscious, spiritual guide. Leave all the unloving and unconscious expectations and norms of parenthood behind. Help their children reach their unique and soul-aligned maximum potential. Previously on the Birth As Nature Intended Summit, she returns again to share wisdom. 

spiritual teacher, self-evolution guide, Akashic Records reader and healer

sex coach, Tantra and jade egg teacher, podcast host

sarah Griesbach

Mothering motherless, the beacon Sarah seeked was within, her mom's guiding direction changed the trajectory of her life. Today working closely with Mothers from pregnancy where she first whispers the words of Matrescence. Sarah helps usher mothers in this rite of passage and is a witness to her incredible transformation, the woman she is becoming presently. She hold space for women in a Soul Mama Circle,  guided discussions in her Mama Yoga Classes and in her online Mentorship Program. She also teaches a Mother Focused Series’ in Ottawa, Canada.

Be present!

Kristen Burgess

Kristen Burgess is mama to eight babies, a childbirth educator, and coach to mamas navigating the sacred mothering journey. She is devoted to guiding mamas through healthy pregnancy, confident natural births, and juggling the adventure of life with littles!

childbirth educator, coach

Wendi McKenna

Wendi McKenna helps you unleash your power, passion, and purpose by breaking through your conscious and subconscious limitations and creating epic relationships with the people you love. Founder of Move. Play. Grow. She is passionate about helping parents understand, marvel at, and support their babies' and children's motor and sensory development.  Wendi is also the owner/founder of Strides Physical Therapy, Inc., a pediatric physical therapy clinic in California.

Leadership Coach, pediatric physical therapist

Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Teacher, Postpartum Doula, Motherhood Coach

Rachel roberts

Rachel Roberts is a relationship mentor, coach, speaker, partner of 23 years, mom and stepmom to 4 amazing humans. She brings extensive knowledge and experience with the struggles and challenges parents face in staying connected and building a family together. She empathically works with mothers and fathers to empower them in both their individual self-awareness and relational awareness, sharing skills and resources for successful communication, and forming meaningful and lasting connection. She is a former breastfeeding counselor, is trained in Relational Life Therapy (RLT) and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and she is a certified Mama Rising Facilitator, Soul Modes Mentor, and Becoming Us Facilitator.

Be playful!

Acushla Wilson

A mum, step mum, teacher, and baby and toddler sleep support specialist on a mission to normalize child sleep! I am determined to turn my early postpartum struggles into something positive so new mums don't have to go through it themselves. The world needs more mums to step into their power, tune into their instincts and mother in a way that feels right to them. 

baby and toddler sleep support specialist, teacher

relationship mentor, coach, speaker


Life Time access to 11 interviews in video, audio and transcript format


one audio guided meditations from the 4 part Mama+ Baby Bonding series. 


Bonus: Get part one of my audio guided meditations from the 4 part Mama+ Baby Bonding series. Created to increase the hormones that sky rocket relaxation, bliss and bonding with your baby while, nursing, feeding, or just holding baby close.

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