Book Review: Go Diaper Free by Andrea Olson

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If you’re interested in learning more about Elimination Communication (EC) and living a life without the hassle, expense and unpleasantness of diapers, then Go Diaper Free is a book you’ll want to take a look at today.

And if you’ve already dabbled in EC, but aren’t quite sure how to make it work for you, this book is a must-have resource. It’s changing lives for thousands of mothers around the world, and I guarantee that it will make a difference for you, too.

Why I’m Reviewing Go Diaper Free

I’ve been a huge fan of Andrea Olson’s work in the Elimination Communication (EC) community, and Go Diaper Free has been a game changer for me and my family. 

I trusted Andrea’s wisdom and guidance on all things EC because she walks her talk. It’s often been said  that you should listen to, observe and mimic the people who have what you want. What I wanted was a potty-independent child ASAP and to avoid the hassle of a never-ending pile of dirty diapers.

Andrea became my go-to, because she’s achieved those results with FIVE children. I was very interested in what she had to say, and she didn’t disappoint. She’s literally changed my life – and helped me put both my little ones on a path that will be so much better for them. You can be wowed by her story here.

Who Is This Book For?

The Go Diaper Free book is for parents who are interested in learning about elimination communication and how to apply it from as early as birth up to 18 months. (If your child is 18 months or older, you’ll want to check out The Tiny Potty Training Book, also written by Andrea.)

If you hate changing diapers and want a non-coercive, natural way to potty your children and help them become “potty independent” as soon as possible, this book is for you. 

And I have to also draw attention to the other benefits of EC – when you “go diaper free”, you’re doing a huge favor for the environment, and you can save an enormous amount of money at the same time. (Seriously – just picture the size of a pile of diapers that you’d go through in 18 months… that’s a huge pile of poop that YOU are paying a lot of money for!)

What makes this book different?

I’ve read other books on elimination communication, and two things set Go Diaper Free apart from the rest. 

First of all, Andrea’s writing style is casual and relatable – you’ll find it’s more like reading a blog post than a book. Andrea is straightforward and practical, and it’s a pleasure to read.

But more importantly, this book gets you started right away. It’s jumps right into the how-to, which means you can start seeing results immediately.  If you are hesitant to commit to a purchase, sky rocket your confidence by testing elimination communication for free.

I guarantee that once a parent “catches” the signals for a potty break for the first and second time, they get hooked on EC. The possibilities of never having to change a nasty, smelly diaper ever again becomes more realistic and attainable. This is critical because parents need to experience EC working firsthand to truly see that it’s a wonderful option for them.

This is a big upgrade for your reading experience – instead of getting bogged down wading through a lot of theory and history, you start with the practical, “how to” steps first. Instead of convincing you that EC is ALL THE THINGS, Andrea just starts out telling you how to do it.

What Does It Cover?

Go Diaper Free is technically not just a book – it’s an entire multimedia buffet. Andrea has put a lot of work into covering all the important aspects of training your child to become potty independent, and gives you a wide range of different ways to work with the material.

The digital book portion covers things like:

  • Specific advice on how to start at any age range, including newborn, mobile baby, and young toddler ages
  • Typical challenges and how to solve them 
  • How to use EC in different situations (like while breastfeeding, in the city, in nature, or while traveling)
  • How to use a “diaper back-up” as a tool, not a toilet
  • Wrapping up, troubleshooting and regressions. (This helped me understand and be prepared for unexpected and frustrating changes and / or misses!)
  • The building blocks of potty independence

…and so much more. (You can get full details here on Andrea’s page.)

All the material also comes in audiobook format, so if you can’t sneak in reading time, you can still go through all the material while you’re doing other things.

Andrea also gives you the option of adding a paperback version of the book for just a little bit more – so if you prefer having a hard copy, you’re all set.

The bonus materials is where Go Diaper Free really shines, in my opinion. You also get:

  • A private video library of EC tips, tricks and techniques
  • A private downloads library of over 35 tools such as printable timing and signal logs, a caregivers’ guide, a tutorial for fathers, templates for letters to daycare providers, and more.
  • A private Facebook support group with thousands of other Go Diaper Free readers
  • A troubleshooting database with over 70 specific issues & what to do when they happen

Plus, you’ll get free lifetime updates to the material. It’s really shocking how much value Andrea’s including in this package.

What I Liked Most About Go Diaper Free

I really enjoyed all the different angles of learning Andrea tackles to teach EC. Again, instead of starting with theory and eventually getting to the “good bits”, the brilliance of this book is that it’s written in reverse. 

You get practical application right from the start – she gets right to the point with tips, ways to cue your baby, diaper, positions and pictures of how to hold your baby. It gets right down to the nitty gritty. The topics and her coverage are clear and it is easy to find what you’re looking for right now.  All the “theory” comes later.

She provides plenty of examples and scenarios and “how-to” advice, which is wonderful because we all learn in different ways. She talks to you with wisdom and does not fluff around. This book is clear, concise and she talks from her experience in a “matter-of-fact’ way without sounding condescending.

Outside of the book, Andrea also offers additional resources. She has a podcast (which I love) and a Facebook support group and community of parents who are also learning and passionate about EC.  

Personally, I found the video tutorials that come with the book to be the MOST helpful because it helps to reinforce the material. I am a visual learner, so that worked wonderfully for me.

As a busy mom, I appreciated that the material is available in audio format as well, as I don’t seem to be able to squeeze in the time to read quite often. I can cook, potty and clean while listening – and that makes a big difference.

How This Book Improved My Life

I discovered EC before I was pregnant and I just KNEW this would be something I wanted to do when I had my own little ones. It aligned with my values of being minimal, intuitive and natural as possible. So I was eager to learn everything I needed to know to make it work.

After reading Go Diaper Free, I had a deeper understanding of how to apply EC principles right away. I developed an awe and understanding that our babies are intelligent from birth – and as a mother, I became more mindful of my actions and cues. 

Now my babies and I have an incredible bond. It’s like we know what each other is thinking and feeling. I feel confident and empowered, and I know my children feel the same. I glow, they glow. And glowing is the point, after all!

Plus, I can count with my two hands as to how many poop diapers I’ve had to change in the last two years (and that includes accidents for my two year old). Both my daughters were poop trained by 3 months. I pottied them from birth. I  was absolutely blown away by the results – I was catching poos 100%! 

And when I had my second daughter, she responded incredibly fast to EC. (I think it’s because she is sensitive to wetness by the cloth diapers, but I also came in with much more experience as well.)

Flaws (but not dealbreakers)

While Go Diaper Free is perfection for readers who have already made up their minds and want a guide to Elimination Communication so they can dive right in, readers who are not familiar with the subject might have a little challenge at the beginning getting up to speed with the terminology. It would help if there was a quick explanation of the terms and meanings at the start of the book. 

(Perhaps I’ll write a post on that sometime and link to it here! In the meantime, Google will take care of you for any terms you’re not familiar with.)

Also, I would appreciate more photos throughout the book. I’m a visual learner, and photos make a real difference in connecting with whatever I’m learning. But that’s mitigated by the quality of the material and the support in the Facebook group, so it’s not too big a deal.

Should You Buy This Book?

If you hate changing diapers, want to change fewer diapers, or just want to have a potty independent child earlier, this book is definitely for you. Between the great written content, access to audios, videos and the always-available EC community support of Facebook, you can’t lose with Andrea’s approach to elimination communication.

Get Go Diaper Free Today – Or Ask Me Any Questions You Have!

I highly encourage you to check out Go Diaper Free today, and read Andrea’s description of the full scope of what’s inside this book. 

And if you have any questions about the book – or Elimination Communication – just get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to point you in the right direction!

Interested in how I applied what I learned from the book?

You can follow along the journey of elimination communication with my first daughter Atlas being potty independent in 12 months.

If you want to know how I am managing two kids with elimination communication and what I’m doing differently than my first check it out here.

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