Going Diaper Free From Birth With My Second Baby

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My second baby is now six months now so I thought I would update you on my elimination communication potty journey with two children.

My children are only a year and a half apart, so it was the time to wrap up EC with my eldest and start EC with the second baby. It was a challenge at first and my husband and I really needed to tag team with the eldest, Atlas would need to be pottied in the early morning while I had to nurse the newborn and rest. Honestly, my husband was key to my speedy recovery and sanity the first few months. He still does most of the caregiving of Atlas currently.

We did not catch the first meconium poop with our second, Vera, like we did with Atlas. Vera was a pooper and she pooped a lot. The good thing with Vera is, she would signal very clearly, unlike Atlas which I had to use ‘easy catches’, timing and my instincts to potty her. After 2 months of observation and re-learning how to breastfeed. I was able to figure out that when Vera popped off the breast while nursing so peacefully, and start pounding on my chest and looking at me with dread in her eyes, was a clear signal she needed to potty. Something I had learned from Go Daiper Free with Andrea Olsen was that popping off he breast was one of the general signals that baby’s do when they need to go potty. So I acted on it the first time she did that and after several times of her consistantly going potty when she popper off, I could not see it as a coincidence but a clear signal.

With Vera, I was able to catch all poops with 3 months. Atlas was was about the same. With Vera, I was able to catch about 80% -90% of her pees within 6 months. With Atlas, she did not really signal, so the only pees I could catch was when I offered to potty. The rest of it went into her backup daiper.

I used both cloth and disposable diapers with Vera, now at 6 months, only cloth diapers as backup, except for outings. With Atlas, we used disposables as backup until she was around 8 months, then switched it up with tiny undies with FLIP covers. She was fulltime in undies by 18 months expect for nap times, bed time and outings. Now 2 years old, Atlas is diaper free! We do have the occasional accident, but it’s when she is pre-occupied with play. Atlas is a pro taking her potty down two steps into the bathroom and dumping the contents into the toilet. She knows how to put her own underwear on and take it off, although sometimes she gets lazy and wants my help so she can get back to playing faster.

When I take both kids to the potty at the same time, I would have Atlas take off her bottoms and help her onto the toilet, or she helps herself to the mini potty. Once Atlas is settled in, I then remove Vera’s bottom and EC her over the sink. Sometimes both girls go simultaneously, but quite often Atlas goes potty first because she wants to play. She knows she will need to sit there until I finish with Vera. If my husband is around, he will help.

Going to the potty during outings

Atlas still uses a seat reducer when we go out. We always take our little ones to use the washroom when we arrive at the restaurant or before we leave. If our outings are longer and we hit several places. We will potty them in the mini potty at the car before proceeding. Sometimes we would need to pull into a parking lot to potty. Since the pandemic, we hardly go out but when we do our nature walks, Atlas will go in her travel potty with a doggy bag underneath but quite often she will hold it in until we arrive at the car to use the mini potty or she will try to go before the walk at the car. For Vera, we just EC her amonst nature when she signals. Otherwise, it will be potty opportunity at the car.

I also would like to add that I am using some new potty gear this time around with Vera. I’m loving her wool covers. You can find my list of potty gear I use and trust here.

I will make another update when Vera is 12 months old on my EC journey.

Gratitude and love,


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