Potty Gear and Resources I Use and Trust For Elimination Communication

Atlas Communication Elimination
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Elimination communication books and resources I used


Atlas at 6 months old sitting on her top hat potty.

Other resources


Atlas at 9 months old sitting on her mini potty.


Note: you can use whatever clothing you already have. I started out with baby clothes that I received for my baby shower. You can tweek them (I cut mine) or buy clothes that make EC easier for you as you discover what works for you and your little one. The list below are items I bought after applying EC and out that these worked better for Atlas and I.

  • Baby gowns
  • Thigh high long socks for babies
  • Bodysuits
  • One-piece with zippers that open up or down
  • shirts (just shirts, no bottoms for around the house)
Vera at 6 months wearing her upcycled wool cover.

Real life examples of applying elimination communication

You can read my journey with elimination communication with my first born. You can also follow along my journey with elimination communication my second child along with how I EC with two little ones. I recommend going on YouTube to search “elimination communication”. Watch and listen with an open mind what these mamas have to say and get inspired with their routine and raw experience.

Podcast (sometimes I feel I have too much to do than to read and watch videos)



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  1. […] Okay, so the diaper industry is making tons of money because we were not informed or educated or even knew there are other natural alternatives. No big deal. Diapers still do the job they were made for. We can still use them and I definitely did during my application of EC. I was so thankful to have used them during the EC process. Think mommy brain, lack of sleep, baby not signaling to you they want to go to the bathroom, in the middle of driving, etc. You can find the list of books and resources I used during my journey of elimination communication with my daughter here. […]

  2. […] I also would like to add that I am using some new potty gear this time around with Vera. I’m loving her wool covers. You can find my list of potty gear I use and trust here. […]

  3. […] read other books on elimination communication, and two things set Go Diaper Free apart from the […]


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